Thursday, April 24, 2008

NEW! Take It Easy

New games in the gaming area, aMUSEment, on La Musique!!

Take It Easy is a tile-placement game that can be played as a casual competition or as a difficult brain puzzler. It is a simple, fun game. Tiles are dealt out to the players one at a time. Each tile has three lines on it. You place each tile on your board, trying to line up the colored lines. When all the spaces are filled, you score your completed lines, and high score wins. Sound simple? Wait until you play it yourself! You can play it here on La Musique.

There are currently two versions of Take It Easy on La Musique:

  • Take It Easy Head-to-Head: This version of the game allows solo play, or a challenge between two friends. You can also play in Solo mode and Replay the same tiles, to try and beat your own score.

  • Take It Easy Solo Challenge: Match wits to try and find the best arrangement of tiles on the board. Whenever you play, you're playing against everyone else in Second Life! It costs L$50 to play, and the money is all collected into one global jackpot. When the Challenge ends, whoever has the high score wins the pot.

Take it Easy is brought to you by Rifkin Habsburg of Procyon Games by the game originally designed by Peter Burley. You can play and purchase Take it Easy on Malrif in Club Zed.

Special thanks to the following people who were gracious enough to model for me: Claira Fairey, DollEyes Barbosa, Fawn Giano, Jazzy Shan, Lauren Mureaux, Precious Darcy, Violete Beaumont, Tricia Farella, Daru Gide, Buffy Sutherland & Kaz Nightly.


Chaos Fox said...

My name is Daru GIDE not 'guide' Hehe. See? I actually come and look at this stuff!

Musique Gable said...

I knew that. I was just testing you. Yeah...that's it. :D