Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lumindor Reopening Festival Today! La Musique a Sponsor

La Musique is one of the proud sponsors of the Lumindor Reopening Festival. Lumindor is a Renaissance role playing sim which consists of 4 islands -- very well done, beautifully landscaped, and authentic to the period.

Today, Sunday, March 30, for the whole day, LUMINDOR REOPENING FESTIVAL will host several balls, tournaments, bard's story telling, lottery and a fair market.

BrightStone Events on Sunday, March 30th:

Fair market in BrightStone with merchants and benches of food. Lord Manitou has apparently even offered his lips to be kissed for a few linden.

~4 PM
Bard story telling - Ainemari Flanagan will sing, dance and enchant you with her storytelling.

~6 PM
Lottery - There will be several items as prizes to be won in the lottery. The lottery itself will start at 8 am. People will have to touch the lottery sign to join the list of participants. At 6 pm there will be the proclamation of winners.

La Musique has a tent up and has contributed a prize to the lottery as well. Proper attire is required, so dust off those tights and ballgowns, and come check it out. Enjoy the festival!