Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dexter Ihnen Concert on La Musique for March 18, 2008 @ 4:00 p.m. SLT

'Amazing virtuosity' - London Times

My second year rezz day is coming up on the 18th of March and I wanted to do something special for it. It did not take long to think of how to make the day special -- ask my talented friend, Dexter Inhen (known as Dexter Moore in RL), to play for everyone on La Musique.

I started out as a fan of his music and it quickly developed into a wonderful friendship. A close knit group of us (Driftwood, Tardis, Richard, me, Fran and Pdv) became what we affectionally called his "entourage." We always have a blast and a lot of laughs. I'm proud to call myself a MegaDexian!

Diane Fairplay, his wife in SL, and Dex even got married on my island, La Musique, on October 21, 2007. A gorgeous wedding!

Like a funkified psychadelic Woody Guthrie, Dexter Moore certainly put the mileage behind him as he spent his early years hitching and busking around the world. As one of his self portrait lyrics portrays in a tribute to Jack Keroac:

'Desolation angel,
just a dharma bum,
Lonesome traveler
on the road'

This is a seasoned traveler whose only inspiration was to live the artists way and to keep the music real.

Here then is an artist who walked away from a major record deal in London in order to keep his integrity intact rather than become one of those who would become what the industry wanted them to be. That is not what an true artist does! It was on this journey that he developed his unique and mesmerizing guitar style - A notable feature that has won Dexter fans all over the world.

Along the way Dexter found the time to learn the arts of sound engineering and record production. Producing a ..1 hit in the process. But it is in his songwriting that he truly captures hearts. Now a multi-award winning songwriter, Dexter Moore sells his CDs worldwide over the internet and at his performances. He has spent months on end at the top of various charts and enjoys a somewhat cult-like following of musicians and discerning listeners.